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Loving means accepting others as they are, giving them freedom to express themselves and not judging their behaviors according to a narrow definition. The event of Woodstock left a lasting impression to many even to those who did not attend but were able to achieve the knowledge of what had happened at Woodstock.

It was a small city that many musicians moved to by the late s and so they wanted to build a recording studio there. Republican liberal democracy essays Republican liberal democracy essays narrative and analysis essay two tramps in mud time essay writing carbon footprint essay papers on compare ts eliot the love song of j alfred prufrock essay professay team umizoomi expressivism argument essay computing dissertation sir henry wotton biography essay big brother alexander and perez argumentative essay essay on roberto clemente biography.

Artie Kornfield was the one who had the most experience out of all four of them. For some, they believed that the event of Woodstock happened at the right place because of its nature setting and at the right time because of all the protests and violence going on. All free online research papers, research paper samples and example research papers on any writing topics are plagiarized and cannot be fully used in your high school, college or university education.

Then, finally, the hippies came together to create Woodstock West at Altamont, California, on the ninth of December, to hear the Rolling Stones, and it all came apart. The people who set up the festival were four organizers, known as the Woodstock Ventures who had little experience, were able to get some of the biggest rock musicians at the time, such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, and more.

Another thing that the organizers were not prepared for was the rain on the day the festival started. Along with many others that better fit the free love free society ideals of its founders and followers.

This gave some insight of why some people went to Woodstock. Even though many of them were between those ages, there were young children present at the festival as well. The location had been chosen. To promote the idea of the studio the four partners of the music festival Michael Lang; Artie Kornfield; John Roberts; and Joel Rosenman decided to stage a concert, which they officially called the Woodstock Festival and Art Fair.

That good thing was Woodstock.

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The only band that producers were worried about was Sly and the Family Stone. Inbecause of the need to celebrate, a three day, muddy, drug induced haze in Sullivan County, New York that became known as Woodstock was born.

Arnold Skolnick, who designed the poster of a guitar and dove, described this festival as "Something was tapped, a nerve, in this country. The show was considered to be the end of the hippie era and the beginning of something new after the war.

The realization that individuals could be moved in a massive way to act in manners that were totally outside the control of the mainstream, and that such a movement could in fact become thought of as the "mainstream" left many in awe, as did the outgrowth of excesses that resulted.

Erin tabor dissertation So hyung kim illustration essay So hyung kim illustration essay ferri abolhassan dissertation cma essay grading abbreviations. Even with all the chaos caused by traffic, everyone seemed to be able to maintain the peace at Woodstock. Inthe generation was celebrating love, peace and the end of the hippie era.

Natural in body and soul with genuine, The security was useless trying to stop a powder keg of rage ready to blow. Not only did it draw in the nation during that decade, but also many people today still hear about Woodstock of because of the many great famous performers who appeared at Woodstock.

However, during those three days three deaths did occur: This article was published in the New York Times and it described how it was a peaceful event even though there were many people there.

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It proved that when people come together for a commendable cause, good things happen. The idea of Woodstock was originally supposed to be a recording studio to be built in Woodstock, New York.

The Woodstock partners eventually rented a field from a prominent local dairy farmer, Max Yasgur, who owned land about 48 miles from Woodstock.

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Things were taken in stride and put to rest the easiest, painless way possible. Feelings of ill will lingered between the four, and it seemed that they went off two and two. Woodstock was, in many ways, a symbolic high point for the s generation, proving that peace and love were possible in the world, if only for a moment” (Berg ).

The war in Vietnam was a huge event that was taking place at the time of Woodstock. CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE.

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Danielle Krum May 30, Research Final Woodstock Every memory of the summer of is connected to, in one way or another, the historical event, Woodstock. The festival could not have left more of an impact on the “hippie” generation anymore than it did those three days of music and peace.

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