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The aim of the present study was to investigate whether spatial ability acted as a mediator in the relation between constructive play and mathematical word problem-solving performance in sixth-grade elementary school children.

Regarding the traumatic event itself other assessment problems arise. Please note that the clinical route is only relevant for Dutch students, as this route qualifies for the continuation courses for clinical professions in the Netherlands.

As studies have demonstrated that there is a difference in the extent in which boys and girls are engaged in constructive play activities see e. In order to facilitate the understanding of the text base of a mathematical word problem, one has to make a coherent visual representation of the essential information of the problem.


The term constructive play, which has a central role in this study, is often used to categorize these play activities.

Moreover, the positive relation between spatial ability and mathematical word problem-solving performance is also commonly investigated Casey et al. De patronen worden reeds gevonden bij kinderen van 5 jaar en mogelijk zelfs vanaf 2 jaar.

Finally, this research accentuated the importance of spatial ability in mathematical word problem-solving performance. Spatial ability increases as children engage more in playing with Legos, blocks, and jigsaw puzzles Linn and Petersen, ; Tracy, ; Hegarty and Waller, To be sure those children had enough time to solve the mathematical word problems, a pilot study was conducted with five sixth-grade students.

Investigating the Mediating Role of Spatial Ability Mediation was tested by regressing the dependent variable i. Because the scientific literature gives no clear indications that sex differences exist in spatial ability e.

Implications and Directions for Future Research The present study contributed to the increasing amount of scientific literature regarding the processes that are involved in learning mathematics, particularly mathematical word problem solving.

All these studies did, however, not have a focus on mathematical word problem solving in particular. The training of spatial skills and the development of visual-schematic representations should, therefore, have a prominent role in word problem-solving instruction of primary school mathematics education.

Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to present an overview of the available literature on the assessment, prevalence, and treatment of PTSD in people with ID. It has been suggested that the lower the level of intellectual functioning, the higher the dependency on others, resulting in a lack of opportunities to avoid traumatic stressors on their own McCarthy, An interesting focus of future research is to investigate the existence of individual differences in the specific relations between the three key variables of this study i.

Recent research of Levine et al. Also elementary school teachers should provide constructive learning material to their children and stimulate to use it by giving them appropriate instruction. These authors also state that the effect of exposure to past negative or traumatic events may be cumulative.

The studies of Firth et al. Although a positive relation between constructive play and spatial ability is reported by several authors e.

In previous studies, relations between constructive play and spatial ability e. Verband met andere problemen[ bewerken ] Internaliserende problemen blijken bij jarigen samen te hangen met minder sporten, zich minder gezond voelen, meer symptomen van psychische problemen, minder vrienden en zwakkere schoolprestaties dan adolescenten zonder internaliserende of externaliserende problemen.

The mediating role of spatial ability in the relation between constructive play and mathematical word problem-solving performance is reflected in the hypothetical mediation model reported in Figure 1.

Geertrui Serneels: Functie. Opleiding. Coördinator. Master in de Klinische Psychologie (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Opleiding etnopsychiatrie in.

Internaliserende en externaliserende gedragsproblemen

In addition, it is possible that assistants and researchers from the department provide guidance and supervision of the master's dissertation. At the beginning of each academic potential thesis subjects are made known to students 1st Master of Pedagogy. Leeftijd. De meeste onderzoekers zijn het eens met een indeling in internaliserende en externaliserende problemen of patronen.

De indeling wordt gebruikt om probleemgedrag van kinderen tot adolescenten te typeren. Sociale Wetenschappen. Binnen de Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen wordt, op het gebied van de culturele antropologie, pedagogiek, politicologie en psychologie, kwalitatief hoogwaardig onderzoek gedaan en een breed en.

Reverend Doebler went on to say that "What a Life Can Be: is a study of the life of a woman with a major psychiatric disease; technically labeled Schizo-Affective Disorder. It is much more, it is a book about each of us, with whatever label we might have.

PDF | Although there is evidence to suggest that people with intellectual disabilities (ID) are likely to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), reviews of the evidence base, and the potential consequences of this contention are absent.

Thesis orthopedagogiek
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