Bachelor thesis american studies

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Through disciplinary specialization they are to develop an assured approach to the methods and issues in the selected fields.

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But there were also clear differences.

Index of American Studies Theses & Dissertations

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Others use their knowledge to pursue careers in health care, social work, government, international organizations, business, journalism, law, education and other professions. Sandra completed an empirical survey of American firms in Germany to explore the contemporary concept of corporate volunteerism, and how it is changing the overall nature of voluntarism in a German-American context.

Slave Literacy in Early Virginia, Besides his recommendations that were given in The Way to Wealth Franklin also suggested thirteen virtues, which would help the individual to improve her or his virtuousness. Heiko Roch investigates one of the most controversial and central subjects in American politics and society since the civil rights movement emerging in the s:.

In six semesters, students will be introduced to the central fields of American literature, culture, history, language, and media. In the advanced courses of the Bachelor program students deepen their knowledge of American literature and culture in topical seminars and conclude their course of studies with a BA thesis on a topic of their choice.

American Studies

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Select our services and get to work with an expert that is:5/5. What is American Studies? What can I do with American Studies? "There is a breadth of knowledge, and an understanding of divergent viewpoints, that the American Studies program provides.

I'm a student of American studies in Germany and I'm about to write my bachelor thesis ( pages). The main components should be 'TV series' (maybe something like 'Modern Family', 'Suits', 'The Middle', 'Two And A Half Men' and/or 'Breaking Bad') and 'gender'. Students' Theses Magister | MA | BA The Student Thesis - whether for the Magister, BA, or MA - represents a student's most substantial effort to create new knowledge, to create new scholarship.

What is American Studies? What can I do with American Studies? "There is a breadth of knowledge, and an understanding of divergent viewpoints, that the American Studies program provides.

Bachelor thesis american studies
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Bachelor of Arts in American Studies | Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies